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N/B: If you choose to enter more than 1 category, an entry form is required for each individual category chosen. You can also submit a nomination for the “Employee of the Year” and the “New Ross and District Person of the Year”categories.

Judges can only take account of any/all information including supporting documentation submitted with this entry form.



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Q:1 Biography

Please tell us a little about you/your business/organisation. What do you do? Why did you start up? Who are your customers? What markets do you operate in? (100 words max)

Q:2 Your Market

What are your routes to market/how do you target your customers?Have you an e-commerce strategy? Are you engaged in online activities ie: social media, website, twitter, hootesuite etc(100 words max)

Q:3 Business Development

Please describe the development of your business/organisation in the past two to three years. Include some challenges you have met and achievements you are proud of. Then please describe some future plans ie where you see your business/organisation in 5 years time? (100 words max)

Q:4 Personal Development

Please give detail of any learning, training and development that you/your staff members have undertaken in the past 12 months and outline the impact that this has had on your business/organisations performance? (100 words max)

Q:5 New Ross & District

Describe how you/your business/your organisation supports and positively impacts on the local economy? Do you use local suppliers, local resources? Do you engage in any social or community development initiatives in the area?Please feel free to highlight specific staff members or investors, or any awards that are relevant to this question? (100 words max)

Q:6 Business/Organisational Strategy

Please tell us what is unique about your business or organisations strategy? Describe your key strenghts and competitive advantages of your business/organisation?(100 words max)

Q:7 The Environment

Describe any environmental policies and practices currently being applied within the business or organisation that has a positive impact on the environment or that helps lessen any negative environmental impact?(100 words max)

Q:8 Customer Service

Describe how your customer service policy sets you apart from others? Explain how you monitor customer feedback?(100 words max)

Q:9 New Ross & District Business & Community Award

What would winning this award mean to you/your business or your organisation? (100 words max)

Q:10 Winning a New Ross & District Business & Community Award

Why do you believe you should win this category? (100 words max)

Supporting Documentation

Please let us know if you are submitting any supporting documentation and by what means? (We understand that someone completing this form online, may prefer to hand in supporting documentation directly to the office for example)


I hereby consent, if i am selected/shortlisted for a New Ross and District Business and Community Award, to the release and use of my name, business Name and photogrpahs, which maybe taken of me. I agree that no compensation shall be due to me or my business/organisation for such usage. However, all competitive and financial information shall remain confidential unless i give express written approval for its release. I confirm that the information provided with this application is true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I also acknowledge that whilst every care has been taken to ensure that advice and feedback given on these awards is correct; New Ross and District Chamber or the Award Sponsors will not accept any responsibility for loss, damage etc; arising from our occasioned by the implementation of such advice!

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