New Ross & District Shopping Vouchers


Participating Outlets

In 2018 over €250,000 New Ross & District Chamber Shopping Vouchers were sold. Providing a guaranteed spend in the New Ross District and supporting local businesses and jobs.

As a community, we need to realise that our spending decisions will directly impact on the job security of our friends and families. Every Euro we spend locally has a multiplier effect in our community that benefits us and the local economy.

The vouchers are available in denominations of €20 and €50 and are accepted in over 70 businesses in New Ross and district and are available to purchase all year round.

To the purchaser- the chamber will charge an administration fee of:-

  • 0% on orders up to €500
  • 7% on orders from €500 up to €1,000
  • 5% on orders from €1,000 up to €5,000.
  • 4% on orders of €5,000 and over.

Vouchers can be purchased by completing the Order Form, or contact New Ross & District Chamber Office No 36 The Rising Tide Business Centre, South Street, by phoning 051-425077, by emailing


Under the current revenue rules, employer’s are permitted to give a once off payment up to €500 worth of vouchers to each employee without any tax implications for either, i.e. the employee can accept vouchers without incurring PAYE, PRSI  USC or BIK.  The employer is not liable for PRSI . Also if the voucher is treated as a bonus or part there of, it can be claimed as a business expense. The only obligation on the employer is to keep a record of employee’s that they issue vouchers to.

If you are in business and would like to join the New Ross & District Chamber Voucher Scheme please contact New Ross & District Chamber Office on 051-425077 or email:

Main benefits of becoming a participating outlet are: Accepting New Ross & District  Shopping Vouchers encourages uplift in sales, Maintain and develop your customer base, Attract new customers from surrounding areas, Get recognition for work to promote New Ross collectively, Part of a brand that promotes quality, value, choice and excellence in customer service,

Your money is spent in the New Ross & District and stays in New Ross & District.

Your money supports New Ross & District Jobs and Employment.